food that does not cost the earth

Alex Davies is chef and owner of Gatherings, a Christchurch restaurant specialising in 
locally gathered and seasonal fare. We talk about his approach to food that is based on being considerate and in understanding the role of sharing.

This is the future of food, it has to be, there is no other option

Engaging with the seasons

Superpower: I cook for a living- I can feed people, share the warmth

We don’t have to push the message – the food is tasty, nutritious and it is expressive enough – but if someone wants to know more, then we’ll talk with them about where it came from and the story

I’m excited at the moment by Sumac – a middle eastern spice growing in the residential red zone – there’s a complex ecosystem growing right where people used to live

If you show respect for the land then you show it for the people

It’s about relationships

This conversation was recorded in Christchurch on the 8th March 2019.