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Dr Niki Harré
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We do this show because for us it is a flow activity. For us sustainability is about telling tales of joy. It is enriching, enhances our identities, and we get to meet awesome people. We can describe it in these terms because this week our guest is psychologist Associate Professor Niki Harré (actually the “meet awesome people” bit she would probably describe as building and affirming networks, but you get the picture). She describes the psychological basis for a positive approach to sustainability.

Associate Professor Niki Harré has taught social and community psychology at the University of Auckland for twelve years. Her recent research projects have focused on sustainable communities and schools, positive youth development and political activism.

If we were Oprah we would get everyone to read Niki Harrré’s book. “Psychology for a Better World: Strategies to Inspire Sustainability” is a must-read. You can download it (for free), but first listen to this interview. Also free. And share it with all your friends. That’s free too, and will affirm your identity in a positive way.

Shane’s number of the week: 400,000. The number of signatures required for a citizen’s initiated referendum on asset sales.

Sam’s joined-up-thinking: Over the next few weeks we’ll be hearing from international guests from the recent CHI conference. CHI is Human Computer Interaction, and the sustainability crowd at the conference have fascinating contributions.

Trainspotting: Sam’s favourite line from Niki’s lecture earlier in the week was “the scientific language of uncertainty leaves a vacuum into which our identify rushes”. His Mum (also a PhD) wrote down “tales of joy”.

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