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Jinty MacTavish too

Does being elected dull the activist? Not if you’re Dunedin’s Jinty MacTavish. She is passionate, articulate, and convincing.

It’s a year since our first show so to celebrate this double rainbow event, we’ve invited back our very first guest Jinty MacTavish. It has taken a year as Councillor, but now Jinty is excited about statements of intent for holding companies, about long term budget models and activity management plans. These things, she says, get things done. We’re sceptical but Jinty is articulate, passionate and convincing.

Shane’s number of the week: 45. That’s $45B (NZ) that BP estimates it will pay out in compensation and clean-up costs for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Drilling is proposed for Otago in water that is deeper and rougher. We put that scale of money in context of NZ’s annual spending on Health, Education and Social Welfare – it is just under these three major areas combined (NZ Govt functional classification 2011).

Sam’s joined-up-thinking: In memory of forester and mountaineer Don Slocum who we farewelled today, we talked about Leopold’s Land Ethic (read more>>>).

Trainspotting. We don’t mention the stadium. Doh.