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Alex Kruize

Alex Kruize is an aspiring environmental Lawyer and Green Party List Candidate.   He talks with us about environmental law;  proper process and community input in environmental decision making; legal perspectives of Climate Change; and MMP. Timaru born and strongly influenced by living the effects of large scale industrial agricultural systems, his passions are working for a better future through both legal structures and political action.

Shane’s number of the week: 60,000,000 hectares.   Last year foreign investors bought or leased nearly 60 million hectares of land in Africa – an area about the size of France.   These owners either displace the local farmers or as distant landlords expect greater returns – threatening the food supply of the world’s poor.  Much of this land has also been taken in order to develop biofuel production, in place of normal food production.


Today we also celebrate the soft launch of Sam’s newest book “The Green Graduate”.  Subtitled “Educating Every Student as a Sustainable Practitioner”, this book sets out a framework for integrating sustainability into every course of study.   Sponsored by UNESCO and published by NZCER press, The Green Graduate is available here.