conservation biology

Dr Phil Bishop

Dr Phil Bishop was recently appointed Chief Scientist for the world’s frogs. In this interview he tells us how frogs outlasted the dinosaurs but are in real trouble now. He tells us how a mild mannered Dunedin herpetologist was transformed into one of the world’s leading conservation biologists. We talk about valuing species, habitat destruction, chytrid fungus, and how NZ’s Archie’s frog is considered the most important frog of all. As an added bonus we hear about belly-flopping frogs and the problem with Kermit.

Shane’s number of the week: 50. Fifty out of 204 conflicts in the last decade were triggered in part by El Nino. The risk of such conflict is less in developed nations, which is put down to having systems that can better absorb shocks. Shane asks what this foretells for a climate changed world with an increase in extreme weather.

Sam’s joined-up-thinking: This week Sam is taking the Live Below the Line Challenge. He is spending only $2.25 per day on food to raise awareness of extreme poverty. He is hungry.