Visioning sustainable education

What makes Phil Ker tick? And what is his vision for a sustainable education? Phil is Chief Executive of Otago Polytechnic.

Phil sees Open Education as a return to the core values of education to meet the challenges of global education – of educating for the planet. Of Otago Polytechnic’s willingness to tackle the hardest problems, Phil is proud of the institution’s commitment to integrating education for sustainability. He says that this goes beyond skills to include behaviours and values, but also a commitment to making a difference. In order to meet these goals, the institution is working to develop new learning approaches such as work based learning.

Shane’s number of the week: 3. Three is the usual number of steps between invention and consumption. Cesar Harada‘s open hardware project changes this paradigm to a network of innovation. His Protei is an open hardware, shape-shifting sailing robot, collaboratively designed to sense and clean the oceans.

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