participation regeneration

Aiming for potential

Dr Dominique Hes is a Senior Lecturer  Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning.  She is director of the Thrive Research Hub and co-author of Designing for Hope: pathways to Regenerative sustainability.   We talk about enriching relationships and designing for possibility.

Talking points

Happiness not wealth

We’re not trained to think of ourselves as nature

Enriching relationships

Designing for possibility

Aim for potential – not just solving a problem

The machine doesn’t know how to break the rules

We’re just aiming for sustaining when we need to be aiming for thriving

Identifying the irresistible narrative – the capacity to develop with positive ripples.

Sustainable: Sustainability is a part of the mechanistic worldview of us saying “how can we manage the system better?” I am critical about the definition of Sustainability, I align much closer to the definition for regenerative development which is to work on projects which increase the vitality, the viability to constructively adapt to change.

Success: Seeing the lights go on in my students eyes, seeing them change from passive consumers to active participants.

Superpower: My superpower is networking, remembering who I have met so that I can connect to them.

Activist: No, to be an activist it means if you don’t agree with me I’ve failed, instead I’m a educator. It’s up to you whether this story fits within your life, your narrative and your way of thinking, I’m not going to enforce it upon you.

Motivation: Curiosity, I’m curious about everything and its potential.

Challenges: I’m looking forward to learning how to slow down, as much as I am taking a time cut instead of a payrise, I still don’t really feel like I have the time to really read or reflect. So, I’ll be going back to two days a week as soon as I can to create that time.

Miracle: That people saw their potential in creating a thriving future, that people switched from passive consumption to active participation, being alert and present with the issues at hand.

Advice: Slow down, It’s as much about finding how you can thrive in the system as how you can help the system thrive!

This conversation was supported by Wintec‘s Centre for Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation.


Future whisperer

The inspirational Liselotte Lyngsø is Founding Partner in Future Navigator.  We talk about studying that which does not yet exist.

Talking points

Human revolutionaries have a different set of competencies, they don’t just work in a different box, they have to create the box themselves.

The distance from envisaging to implementation has never been shorter…this is democratising the future

From more to better

Inspiring decision makers

Don’t think outside the box, create the box

Sustainable: I hate the word sustainability, because I would never like to be in a sustainable relationship with my husband. I’m more ambitious than that, I would like to create something better. Sustainable is as good as it gets, I like the abundance theory: That the more flow you get in people, the more movement, the more activity the richer we get in life quality. 

Success:  I managed to be in six countries at once using modern day technologies, and as a result of that I asked these big shipping companies to change their trends.  Future-based disruption. 

Superpower: My ability to break down barriers and move people into territory where change can occur.

Motivation: As I am a mother of four my motivation is empowering the next generation, especially because what I think that we are leaving them with currently is quite embarrassing. They have the power of change – meaning and value seeking. 

Activist: I consider myself to be a futurist, instead of having lots of prefabricated opinions about the world I instead try to focus on the change.

Challenge: Globalising and digitising myself, and hopefully empowering the future generation to start to challenge the society as it is, basically becoming dispensable.

Miracle: For everyone to listen louder to the people who are challenging your world view.

Advice: Don’t feel victimised or scared for the future, look at it as a playing field and their is so many people who would like to contribute and help you out there.


Liselotte was in Dunedin to speak on drvierless futures at the IPWEA conference.   Their assistance is much appreciated.