Rethinking conflict

Tracy Scott is a conflict consultant. We talk about how her goal is to providing opportunities and processes for collaborative positive change.

This conversation was recorded in Christchurch shortly before the tragic mosque shootings. Tracy describes how the moment of conflict isn’t positive but what can happen because of the conflict that can be, if we choose to let that guide us to learning and understanding.  In the wake of the incredible tragedy we are seeing positive change,  new learning, new understanding and even more connections and building of relationships.  We plan to get Tracy back soon to discuss what we can learn from the positive community responses to what happened as we all find our way through to make some kind of sense out of it all.  Kia Kaha Christchurch.

Talking points

Conflict is a natural part of life

Conflict is opportunity

Empathy is probably our most important tool – consideration for somebody else

Self-empowerment is the real key

My focus is on a facilitated process (rather than the legislative, evaluative approach), it’s a journey, a community mediation model

My job is to open up the doors, people choose if they want to walk through them.

It’s a new paradigm, its OK to enter into a journey of conflict

Sustainability: Activity and programme is bigger than the person doing it.

Success: Spread of community moderation in New Zealand

Superpower: I read people really well.

Activist: Probably. I create change. It can be uncomfortable, change is about the unknown.

Motivation: Knowing it makes a difference. And I’m comfortable to say I’m good at it.

Building youth resilience, aligning with school curriculum. We need people to have this toolkit and to put it into play earlier.