Waste not

Lisa Eve

Lisa Eve is a waste management consultant at Eunomia Research and Consulting. We talk about her background – how she became a specialist in waste, and why it is so important.

Helping people to make a real difference in their lives.

The oil industry successfully found a way to get rid of waste portions of the oil streams…wildly successful so that now we’re totally unable to live without plastic

It’s too late to fix packaging at the consumer end, we need to fix at the source…extended producer responsibility

We’re not good at seeing waste as our problem – it’s someone else’s crisis, “they” should fix it.


If it is not sustainable from a community angle – social justice etc – then environmental sustainability is meaningless

In New Zealand pretty much everything goes to landfill, and biodegradable is really bad in landfill – we have to work on that.

Super-power: feminist warrior

Activist: Yes, Trying to change people’s ideas and perceptions – but to do that you have to be prepared to change your own.

Start conversations

Try and educate yourself – not by reading facebook.

Be positive – surround yourself with people.