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City as communities

Paul Coffey is Community Advisor at the Dunedin City Council. After a brief and unexpected foray into the world of Boccia – of which Paul is an international judge, we talk about the Council’s Draft Social-Wellbeing Strategy. The vision is that “Dunedin will be one of the world’s great small cities”. Paul tells us how this strategy

We will be a city with connected people, cohesive communities and quality lifestyles

through Manaakitanga, stronger communities and better homes. The draft strategy is open for feedback until the 21st September 2012.

Shane’s number of the week: 76. That’s degrees Fahrenheit (or 24.4 degrees C) which was the average temperature in July in the US: the hottest ever according to NOAA.

Sam’s joined-up-thinking: Sam continues to be challenged with Phil Ker‘s call for global education. He explores what might be the implications of an international open education system.