Transforming education

Dr Paul LeBlanc is President of Southern New Hampshire University. He says his goal (and that of SNHU) is making the world a better and more just place – one learner at a time. And how they are doing it, at scale. We talk about the social justice underpinnings for College for America, and how a focus on every student can be achieved at scale. Future generations of learners will be masters of multiple worlds, have spectrum demographics, be distributed and have a different sense of value – seeing value in curated interconnected social selves.

Learning has to be authentic

How do we educate when people are working in a VUCA world? (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)

Transform lives

Are we being as thoughtful about equity as we are about access?

Becoming you curated best self

Doing information in a more democratic way

End of Average

Its the end of the credit hour model that focusses on time spent in class, instead the competency model puts the focus on learning.

(On international university work in war-torn and refugee communities) How could we not be there? It’s our moral imperative.

Its not about being an individual hero, but the ability to make team successful

Build the narrative – the story is part of the solution…writing for change.