Aesthetically beautiful and sustainable homes

Alyssa Clift is an architect who is director of Project Habitation, a design firm specialising in aesthetically beautiful and sustainable homes in Queensland.

Talking points

Sustainable: There is a difference between ‘eco’ and sustainability, to be sustainable it needs to be carbon positive, everything short of that is just ‘eco’.  

Success: So far as it stands having a child and my architectural design of the Minough (sp?) treehouse.

Superpower: My ability to deliver sustainable housing solution.

Activist: I would describe myself as an ‘inactive’ activist, I’ve got certain principals with I try to live by, and I try to encourage others to adopt those principals… but I would think twice before participating in a march.

Motivation: (Crying infants…) just being content, I’m happy and excited to wake up everyday.

Challenges: Expanding the business, it’s going to be very challenging to do so especially with small children.

Miracle: For developers financial incentive to change to a sustainable outlook. 

Advice: Sustainable design isn’t not easy, although it’s really important for the future generations. You only have control over yourself and your outputs, so the way that you live is very important, if you need help with adapting your existing home or building a new one, seek that help because it contributing to the generations to come.